Create your new custom device with the ease of a mobile application. Welcome to Hemera’s Universe.

Introducing Hemera: the ultimate solution for creating your custom embedded devices. Imagine if you were able to cut away your development and integration costs. Imagine if you were able to go to market fast as a lightning, turning your ideas into production applications in a matter of days. And what about shortening the gap between your departments, so that testers, manifacturers and developers can interact seamlessly? Not to mention the possibility of having your devices talk with each other and with the outer world built into your applications.

Are you still dreaming about all of this? Then it’s time you stop dreaming, and start creating! Hemera is all of this, and more. A single, unified platform and experience with a single purpose: support your product and making it stand on the shoulders of giants. While you care about your application, Hemera takes care of all the rest: with the guarantee of industrial level support and LTS releases for at least 7 years of security updates and support.

Feel free to discovery Hemera around our website: we will try to tell you all that’s great about it. On the other hand, we think seeing is believing. This is why we would like you to try Hemera on top of some free commercial devices, to live and taste the Hemera experience before it is ported to your device.